07 January 2012

2012 Plans

Things I want to do:

this month:
- go bowling. dunno why, been thinking about it for two weeks now.
- take the train downtown & walk around the lakefront at night before all the holiday lights come down, on one of these halfway-warm nights.
- knit with Grandma
- get my work shoes/heels fixed
- return books to Adam & Sam
- spend real time with my friends

this year:
- get my motorcycle license
- learn how to build something electronic/mechanical
- regain my confidence in programming
- fully wash, detail & vacuum the car
- put Navy sticker on the back window
- repair the stack of clothes that need sewing

- go out west to really see the stars
- knit myself a sweater
- second ear piercing
- several road trips with different people
- get a tattoo of a couple lego bricks
- get a tattoo of orion on my arm

1 comment:

  1. Bowling is definitely done....
    Sorry, but I think the lights are already taken down in the City.